Festival Week: The Award Ceremony

The best event of the festival so far has been Sunday night's Prends ça court! Award ceremony.

I was there to present a prize worth 30 000$ on behalf of Spirafilm, the non profit movie production house for which I work. Let me tell you that was quite the way to grasp people attention!

The core of my outfit for the night was the red thights (Simons). I wanted to be visualy flashy so that people would notice me, because I knew a lot of the people I network with online were going to be there and I wanted to make sure they would be compelled to come introduce themselves (in case I didn't recongnize them from their profile pics...).

The outfit and the prize were my introduction tickets for the night, which was the greatest networking party of my carreer so far! One of our local comedian (and director) even awarded me the Oscar for best outfit of the night, thanx Simon-Olivier!

Another proof that fashion is a tool to achieve many goals ;)

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