Moncton Here I Am

I safely arrived in Moncton yesterday for FICFA and as soon as a set foot in the city I was already meeting up with friends I had made at the Cannes Film Festival! It was great to catch up and be all together again, pretending l'Acadie is Côte d'Azur minus the palmtrees and with a more charming accent.

My night was full of movies and meeting new filmmakers.  I got to see Robert Morin's Le journal d'un coopérant, a fake documentary movie about international aid in Africa that also comments on pedophile sexual abuse (although not that well). I'm glad I saw the movie but I've never been a big Robert Morin fan and the bad visual aesthetics really bothered me. I then went to an all acadian night where ''amateur'' acadian filmmakers were invited to show their short films and it was pretty entertaining. We ended the night at Laundromat, unwilling to go to sleep early, too happy to be together again.

I'm going to sound like a debutante here, but yesterday was my first time taking a cab to the airport to go on a business trip and I wanted to note it here, as there will never be a first time again!

I seem to be the only producer here (it's all filmmakers and DOP) and it makes me confident that my thinking outside the box only makes me better at what I do!

I'll be taking pictures in Moncton today (and posting them soon!). I have a cinema class with Fernand Dansereau this afternoon and a Super-8 projection later, makes me miss my Super-8 project and its filmmakers! Next shooting: October 16 (can't wait!).

Have a great day everybody!

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