One Day In The Life Of Virginie

What do I do on a regular basis as a Spirafilm Art Director and independent producer?
I pick a 30 for 30 remix challenge outfit on (and hope it looks fierce)
I strut all the way to my Spirafilm office.
I have meetings with the lovely people such as  Joëlle Cloutier of Lumenilux (yes I have film festival posters on my office walls...)
I give interviews, today to college students doing a project about what it's like to work for a non profit art organization.
I take care of my movies, today sending stocks of Super-8MM film from our Québec Super-8 project to be developed at Niagara Custom Lab in Toronto (notice the L.A. wallpaper on my computer)
I have diner with some cool movie people (notably Ramiro Bélanger).
And I host projection nights, such as this Prends ça court! night that launched Vidéaste-s Recherché-es, a Québec city short film festival. (of all the times I'm up on stage, I almost only ever get blurry pictures, like this time and this time)

And the best thing is: every day is different! Hope you have a really productive day too :)


  1. you look busy! but you look fabulous being busy! love that black and white ensemble!!

  2. What a glamorous life you lead! ;) the outfit looks really cute & perfect for your busy day!

  3. Thank you guys, I really am still not sure about the light cream thights... xox

  4. What an exciting day! I wish my office job were this exciting. It's great that you get to be out and about and interacting with all kinds of creative minds. =)

  5. Love this look- it's so sweet but take charge at the same time... know what I mean!?!


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