You're The Boss Apple Sauce: How's That Plan Going?

It's been two months since I quit my job at Spirafilm to become a full time independent movie producer. As you know I had laid out a plan to be my most productive freelancer self. The first months of this new career life were very busy with grant proposals for my movie projects and now that I only have two left (out of eight!) I am about to enter the next stage of my producing pipeline. What to expect in this next stage? The incorporation of my company, movie pre production and the producing and directing on many many roof top videos

Before moving on though I wanted to take a look back at my plan, see how well it's working for me and make the necessary adjustments to make sure Spring is as productive as possible at Virginie's Cinema (yup, that's the name of the production house too!).

So here were the goals:

- Set daily achievable goals to make yourself feel good and gratified: this has been working well for me, keeping me productive daily and making sure I don't loose sight of the deadlines. Feeling good and gratified has been a little harder at first as I work alone most of the time and don't get feed back as often as in the work place. I have to say though that I feel extremely blessed to be working with the directors I am working with, they have been expressing their gratitude towards my work and telling me I rock, which is most appreciated!

- Make time for learning/educating yourself: I have to say this has been such a great learning experience so far! However I have to be honest and admit I haven't been reading as much I should be (I've been choosing Tolstoï's Anna Karénina over legal aspects of producing books lately). This is a point I will be bettering (pinkie swear!).

- Get dressed! I've been sticking to this one pretty seriously and the Remix really helped too!

- Get out of the house: hmmm... I'll be following through on this one as soon as the frigid weather stops! In the mean time honestly things have been going pretty smoothy from my home office :)

- Get yourself inspired! This has been my favorite point of the plan! I've been spending lots of time getting creative and throwing around ideas with my friend Sophie, who is my muse, watching tons of movies and walking around my city checking out the art. It's been awesome and a great productivity booster!

- Plan your next week on the Friday: I've been doing this almost every week and would add "clean your office on the Friday" too, makes Mondays SO much more peaceful.

- Keep things separated: This has been my best idea, I have SO much information accumulating about each projects and having separate physical and mental spaces for all of them has enable me to keep my sanity (and be super organized too!).

I have been SO happy as a freelancer and the way everything is going with my different producing projects, I'm walking on air (I'm literally levitating in this last picture!).

Happy Monday everyone :)


  1. you look awesome!!

  2. Nice to hear things are rolling along for you, and cool David Blaine impression in the last pic.

  3. I love your shoes, so pretty! Congrats on everything working well, I love how you make working at home so organized!

  4. Freelancing is where it's at! But it's been pretty stressful for my little family lately. I am impressed with your energy and plans! And your outfit too :)

  5. You're an inspiration, Virginie, and it's really nice to read about someone who knows what they're doing. Looking forward to seeing how things develop for you, and I like the idea of planning your next week in advance. I should really do that.

    Also, love the shoes and the jumping pics!

  6. Love the thoughts and motivations, I need to hang those on my bathroom mirror to read in the morning! CUTE red shoes lady! Thank you for the sweet comment too, xoxo

  7. Yea! Glad to hear everything's going so well for you! You're so damn organized, lady (definitely not my strongest suit...). I'm so on the fence about freelancing at the moment, but I think I'm going to stay at my current agency for awhile, as I'm really excited about some of the new projects we're getting in.

    Can't wait for you to come to Hollywood! ;)

  8. I am so happy for you. And proud, too! You are amazing. AND super cute...especially in those perfect little shoes. :)

  9. on air, that's the way to be! i just am overjoyed to hear how everything has been going for you since making the BIG decision to go it on your own all free-lance stylz. i just knew you'd rock it, total 100 watt light bulb you are!!! never a dull moment and your outfit is tremendous, beautiful red shoes.

    loved the last point especially, compartmentalizing stuff is my savior for sure. especially with this jumbly brain of mine, things get lost in the mix all the time. happy week wishes love. xo ♥

  10. I'm so happy for you! Many many good wishes for you as you continue your freelancing venture. I can't wait to see those roof top videos! And I of course love your outfit and your magical abilities for walking on air! Go Virginie!

    XO, Katie
    Running on Happiness

  11. Great outfit!Love your shoes!!!
    New follower!I loved that also followed!

  12. Love it! Both the outfit and the plan. I love watching the progression of freelance to business, and am so glad you're sharing it with us!

  13. Hi honey!!!

    Great blog! Lovely style <33

    I'm a new follower! Follow me too? :)

    Ivânia Diamond *
    Portuguese Fashion Blogger

  14. Congratz! And remember, this is just the beginning.
    I can't believe I'm your muse!! haha. You're mine ;)

  15. wow that us so amazing about your career, you are INSPIRING! i love your red shoes and great skirt!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  16. It sounds like you are doing beautifully AND looking gorgeous at the same time. Very happy for you!

  17. Chapeau pour toute cette organisation Miss Virginie. I'm impressed!

  18. Love the skirt, shoes, and your tips. I work a lot from home as well and it is so key to be organized. I plan the following week on the Sunday, but I like your idea of doing it on the Friday...frees up some time on Sunday to spend yoga-ing or doing something else that makes me feel great.

    I am inspired to dig out my Firetraps (hot red shoes) today perhaps! Consider me a new follower!

    fashion party redux

  19. Nice photos! Luv it!


  20. Such great tips especially the keep things separated. That one is hard as things always seem to run together.
    You look stunning and I still plan on stealing those shoes. What size did you say they were?


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