La Soirée des Jutra ★

Last Sunday, I got a last minute invitation to the Soirée des Jutra, the French Canadian equivalent of the Oscars. I had less than 5 minutes to get ready from the time I got the call to the time I had to be in the car and on my way to Montreal so I told Ramiro to pick a dress and shoes for me to wear was I was packing my luggage (he of course picked the cutest and least comfortable shoes ever made!). I optimistically hoped I would have time to do my nails and make-up once I got to Montreal but of course there was a ton of traffic and no time for girl stuff so I just made up for it with a lot of bright lipstick! I had a truly great time at the award ceremony as well as at the posh after party, thanks so much to filmmaker Patricia Chica for inviting me! It was my third time wearing this ModCloth dress for a red carpet event, the first time was at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010 and then at the American premiere of Café de Flore in 2011. Although I have to say this time the red carpet was really the sidewalk on Saint-Denis street (let's glam it up Canada!). I paired the dress with a leather jacket since it's still cold out here... Très chic for something put together in the blink of an eye by my boy, wouldn't you say?

Gosh how I love movie making!


ps: The first picture is from the Huffington Post and the others were taken by Patricia.


  1. I was also invited to be in the public but I had to declined the offer. Since I'm also in Quebec City it isn't easy for me to balance my agenda for Monday morning. Maybe next year...

    1. You should definitely go next year, it's great for networking :)

  2. Hey lindas fotos! y tu vetido.. muy bello!


  3. that looks/sounds so exciting!! love that dress!

  4. Oh my that is so exciting! And that dress is perfect.


  5. Whoa super congrats....what an honor to go to something like that! I'm impressed that you could make it out the door in five and look that flawless! What a perfect pick for a dress and from the hubby to boot....what a guy! Super taste indeed! Looks and sounds like a fantastic time....here's wishing you many more:) xx Marisa

  6. Eee... very glamourous despite the sidewalk. You look great and that Modcloth dress is pretty perfect for glam events I'd say. Exciting times!

  7. C'est très cool Miss Virginie!

  8. wow this looks amazing you are so lucky to be involved in the filming industry!
    great dress too dear!
    XX Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  9. Well I think you looked amazing! I am glad you had fun, can't wait for our meet up next week, did you get my facebook message?




  10. oh my goodness so amazing you got to go & i think you look great, def didnt notice the makeup and ramiro picked u such a cute dress! my trick in Mexico City was, when traffic was at a standstill to put it on then, which I was doing every morning for awhile until i had an epiphany that i'd stab my eye out w/ how fast they accelerate out of nowhere... ok tot pointless. enjoy your Sunday : )


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