Last Night's Movie: Sayonara ★

I LOVE Sayonara! The first time I saw it was on our honeymoon (we bought it at an Hart store at the end of the world, literally, and watched it on Ram's computer in Matane, Gaspésie!). Marlon Brando plays Major Gruver, an Air Force pilot who falls in love with Katsumi (Miyoshi Umeki), a japanese Takarakuza performer, in the aftermath of the Korean War. The performance scenes are breath taking and truly makes you travel through Japan and it's culture. The costumes are unbelievable, especially the head pieces which are inspiring me so much! This movie is a fabulous feast for the eyes.

Please excuse the French subtitles, my DVD version doesn't come with English subtitles... But in all seriousness: an American fim set in Japan with French subtitles? I love it!!



  1. I love all your movie suggestions Virginie! I always look back on them when I want a movie to watch. This one is next on my list!


    1. Thanks Wren! There are so many great movies to see :)

  2. This film looks fascinating...

  3. Allo Virginie!

    I am a huge old movies fan!
    I think i saw most movies done in the 40,50, and 60
    I love this one, i love the end!
    I think i got me crying a bit



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