Spirafilm's Ciné-club Prog Launch

One of my many tasks as Spirafilm's Art Director is to select the movies that will be shown at the first season ever of Spirafilm's Ciné-club. I also have the pleasure of planning the whole thing with the general manager Catherine. It's one of the many many things we are doing at Spirafilm to help production and distribution of independant films.

The launch went well, I got a lot of great comments on my movie selection and gave interviews to the biggest medias in the province of Québec. One was filmed for Télé-Québec, God I hope I looked good (I turned out looking hot, it was after all the hottest day of summer, and kind of nervous, but you be the judge).

I've been a little insecure in my clothing style lately. The weather is still hot as hell and most of my summer clothes are so not appropriate for work (too short!). I'm hoping fall is going to be a better season for me. As I am back to working like crazy and am having no time (or will, let's be honest) to work out, I think I'm going to be happy to cover up!

I guess this is where I tell myself: you are supposed to be fearless girl (oh, and stop whining)! If I wanted to worry so much about what I look like I should be an actress and not a producer right?

Good news is: I'll be on set all week-end working on a short film, now that's my element!

Photo credit: Elias Djemil 

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