A Year In Review ★

I started the year with the resolution of thinking outside the box and quit my job as Art Director of the Québec city filmmaker's coop to follow my dreams! I started the You're The Boss Apple Sauce series on the blog to share tips I learned along the way on being a freelancer and small business owner.
Ramiro and I won our biggest prize so far with our short film Raymond May Have Rabies. Yee haw! We also walked the red carpet together once again, though Ramiro refused to dress up (or shave).
I traveled to Chicoutimi to attend a short film festival for the second year in a row.
I started thrift shopping and it became my favorite kind of shopping (with on-line shopping of course!). I also opened a little vintage boutique, my first foray into e-commerce.
I produced and directed 12 new roof top videos with musicians, bringing the total to 24! We also launched our blog, where you can see all the videos and on set pictures!
I took a romantic little beach vacation to Maine with Ramiro and it rained the whole entire time (but we had so much fun!).
I made new friends and got to meet some amazing fellow bloggers like Sarah and Gaëlle!
I became a vegetarian and started sharing recipes on the blog!
I made a few videos around my city, including this one for my friend Elisabeth's engagement.
And worked my bootie off to produce Ramiro's first feature film, which we start shooting in 4 days! 2011 was also the year my latest Super-8MM movie production came out, now in festivals across the word!

These are a few highlights that made the past year a happy and productive one! 2011 was the year to put my plan in motion, 2012 will be the year to see it come true and take things to the next level! You can also visit my 2010 Year in Review to see how it all began.

Looking back on the blessings in our lives is a great way to feel full of happiness and get inspired for the year to come, may it be a fabulous one for all of us!



  1. Your year sounds so exciting. I hope there are more amazing things for you in 2012!

  2. Ah! What an amazing year! I love looking back and seeing all the changes and new adventures that happened. I wish you even more and better ones this new year!

  3. Ah! What an amazing year! I love looking back and seeing all the changes and new adventures that happened. I wish you even more and better ones this new year!

  4. This was a great year for you!! So amazing all that you've accomplished.

  5. Love this post!
    Thank you so much for mentioning the Your the Boss Applesauce series, I hadn't come across it before and I am hooked - so many great tips! I can't wait for future posts!

  6. What a year, Virginie! That first picture remains one of my favourite pictures of you.

    Your blog has become really amazing during the last year... obviously I loved it as far back as last January, but your photography and everything else has gotten so good in recent months!

  7. The engagement video is SO cute! what a great idea! :)

  8. Sounds like quite an amazing year for you indeed! Wishing that 2012 holds much excitement & many blessings for you as well. Have the happiest New Year! x Marisa

  9. Virginie, you're such an inspiration! So many beautiful accomplishments, and I hope 2012 will be even better for you. I'm planning to be more productive and creative with film this year, and I'm so excited about it!

  10. Wow you certainly did have a productive year, you are so inspiring to me how you work toward and achieve your dreams! Glad you had some fun in here too (& started thrif shopping, so important to support thrift/handmade stores : ). Beautiful pictures too.



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